Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cool snow idea


We had an open house at our school and I got talking to a local public school art teacher . We compared lessons and one thing she wanted to do on the next snow day was a Jackson Pollock in the snow. So tomorrow if the snow hasn’t melted I’m going to have my 6th grade do this project.

1. Watch video: Any you have or  used

2. Set up area:


IMG_0400[1]I blocked the space out with yarn

3. let them splatter I tell them to have some idea of what motion they want to create. BE EXPRESSIVE!




Finished project:




Power point from the National Gallery

Worksheet from this website

“Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists”
Multiple Choice Quiz and Response Sheet

She has great worksheets for these books.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Educational Wikis


I love reading wikis and blogs and my husband uses wikis in his college classroom. That is why our one border collie is named Wiki.  I have been researching and I have been seeing some interesting wikis while researching this year here are a few places I have found.

Best Educational Wikis of 2010 if you want to browse them.

Wikispaces hosts webinars off and on for a variety of topics check out the site periodically and see if any interest you. The have a variety some on educational wikis. They have a new one each month around the 15th. The one last month demonstrated how professional development wikis can get important information and tools to educators across multiple rural districts in Texas. Some ideas expressed would be great for our diocese since our schools are very spread out.

Not art related but a really cool thing

Art site has some great things I have found that can be geared for younger than high school grades.

New  teacher wiki chat

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good site

Nice site for sign up sheets for parties or materials lists needed for projects.

Online sign up for items, when I have junk art day, and sign ups for volunteers for the school play decorations I use this online form.