Wednesday, January 29, 2014

iPad app I use teach game design GamePress


I love to use this app it teaches kids how to visual design a video game and teaches about computer coding in a really good hands on learning tutorial. Why I use gamepress or another video game like minecraft etc. in the art room. This is why for my middle school students they love his lesson and the learn so much about modern art and then we go back in history and look at art from another perspective at how new those painting are and relevant for that time period. I use the MOMA question is video games art? Exhibit
Watch this video to learn more about the how and why.

Watch this video that goes through creating a game on he tutorial setting.

During the modern art lesson I have student work through the tutorial and create a game. Screen shot a few pieces then create a write up and artist statement about this piece just like in the MOMA one. 

Monday, January 27, 2014


Lately with the cold weather I have been hosting in the art room on the iPads minecraft cooperative creative building. This has been ongoing and what the students have been building is phenomenal. I also enjoy watching the interaction between students, with 2 students per iPad they work together and also talk among each other while building this world. It surprised me how interactive minecraft can be these students are not just sitting and playing. They interact, problem solve, act out, organize events, and more just for 15 minutes during recess. 

A few screen catches of what they have done. I am going to get a few more and add to this post as they work on the world through the year. 

This shot is of the stage. They created a working stage with even a back stage area. Thus student even trained a pig for his show, that they put on for other students.