Monday, November 8, 2010

Bob Ross time


Ok, Winter is coming and the painting of pine trees. I do a painting lesson with my middle school by working with the fan brush. In 6th grade I introduce the pine tree. Before this they have used the fan brush to create grass and fun little things with the fan brush. It s a favorite, but  only get them out  every once in awhile.

I play this video for  6-8 grade about how to create a fan brush pine tree.  For 6th grade it’s an introduction and for the 7th & 8th a review.

We start winter landscapes at the end of November. If I didn’t, with all the Christmas stuff going on they would never get them done by Christmas.

6th grade creates a basic tempera paint pine tree landscape painting.

7th grade creates a 4 piece card set the theme is pine trees done in four different ways. Choices  4 different art materials, colors or seasons.

8th pushes a little farther and creates an acrylic  winter scene, they may choose a pine tree calendar page to work from and a 4x4” canvas.

They love these as Christmas gifts.


smurren said...

You have some really nice ideas. Where did you get this video of Ross

SPS ART ROOM said...

When I create a lesson I do a google video search and see if anything of interest comes up. Sometimes I find things I can use with the lesson