Thursday, October 7, 2010



Here is an example of an animoto slide show my 5th grade put together. If you belong to artsonia you can get a education membership through artsonia or it is $30 a year, it is free for 30 which is about 15 pictures.

I used this as a review session. Fifth grade had a short class period due to Trinity Band playing at our school. So instead of getting a bunch of art materials out we did a review session using the artwork they created the week before.

I had students write phrases, sentences or words about the warm color desert scenes we did the previous week and placed them in a basket. Then I pulled a paper out of the basket an read the quote. We used some, discussed others and placed them throughout the show (similar to a Power Point). Added video, pictures and songs that was provided from the animoto site.  You can download your own if you used a specific art print. It took about 15 Min. and 5 minutes to process, then we watched it.

They loved the ending result and can’t wait for the next one.

I have a projector, though a public school art teacher I know just turns the computer screen around on her desk or if you had a TV you can hook it to your computer.


mullenart said...

I can see why your students like this-FUN!

SPS ART ROOM said...

Easy review session and then I post it to my art room blog and artsonia gallery so the parents, grandparents etc. can see it.