Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cool snow idea


We had an open house at our school and I got talking to a local public school art teacher . We compared lessons and one thing she wanted to do on the next snow day was a Jackson Pollock in the snow. So tomorrow if the snow hasn’t melted I’m going to have my 6th grade do this project.

1. Watch video: Any you have or  used

2. Set up area:


IMG_0400[1]I blocked the space out with yarn

3. let them splatter I tell them to have some idea of what motion they want to create. BE EXPRESSIVE!




Finished project:




Power point from the National Gallery

Worksheet from this website

“Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists”
Multiple Choice Quiz and Response Sheet

She has great worksheets for these books.

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SPS ART ROOM said...

It snowed doing this project today