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Tablets nook, fire, and generic tablets? HOW can I use them in the classroom?

something I have been playing around with is the use of the reasonable prices tablets. I have two computer for the students to use in my room. I am thinking about replacing them with lower end tablets. WHY? I have been looking at what I use them for and this year my students have used them for web surfing for info about artists for reports, images for ideas, and using artsonia for writing artist statements and we play music on it. That’s it and it is a lot of wasted space. It would be easier to have them in the basket on my desk for use with the old iphones. instead of students running over to the computer then coming back to their desks.
My husband picked up a cheap nook color the 1st version not the new tablet but he loaded gingerbread ( rooted it) on it to use it like a tablet. IF you have an older version ask your local B&N they do have workshops on how to do this. He doesn’t use it since he now has a tablet which he better hide because I may steal it for my classroom. So now the nook is used by my son as a e-reader for the read aloud books. Which I highly recommend if you have toddlers/prek kids even in the classroom for any age group. My little one is learning his words and loves the thing. The nook is very durable as well after his use I can highly recommend it for in the classroom. it has went through a lot with a 5 year old and has survived.  I do not have first hand knowledge of the kindle fire but I assume it is similar. I like this article kindle vs. nook vs. ipad for more information about what they do and don’t do.
OTHER TABLETS: OK an update I have tested out a few of the newer generic tablets and have really like the google andriod 2.2 version ones. So I am not as against these as I was from my test of the products 2 years ago the genrics have come a long way. Though I still would go through Amazon so you could easy return items.
I did buy a cheap tablet from amazon those $89 things I highly do not recommend them, if you do want to test out a cheap tablet  buy it from a sold by amazon distributor so if it is awful like the one I got you can send it right back without any hassle. Though one of my 3rd grade parents bought a Colby Kyros from amazon and loves it for her kids. If anyone has any recommendations,  flops, or other let me know.
Kids and tablets article
When parents and administrators and even other teachers  think of Kindles, Nooks, Tablets, and iPads/iphones in the classrooms, they think it’s a bad thing. Top comment I get is and that it will abuse the privilege if they were given a chance to use the technology in classrooms. But do they recognize the benefits of using this technology in classrooms. 1. Advantages to buying books on a Kindle, Nook, Tablet, and iPad are they are cheaper and technology seems to be the future. 2. It depends on what class Math, English, etc. would benefit but it may be harder to get it due to curriculum they already have text books bought.  ART has much more flexibility to get it started if it hasn’t already been introduced into your school. Give yourself a reason to be an important part of the school. Don’t be afraid to ask the community for donations of old devices.
*The word is out that I take old cell phones, parents and community members don’t mind giving it to the school to use, when they probably would have held onto it instead of putting in the recycle bin at staples.
-ipad/iphone has wonderful apps that art educator can use
-Tablets: big thing “iproducts” do not support some websites that art educators use sometimes. It is nice to have  another type of device as a tool in the classroom.
Great Art things with nook tablet or nook color rooted or not:
nook books since that is what I have access to also I can get donations of gift cards the parents know instead of the mug for Christmas I rather have them use the gift card program at school for itunes and barnes and noble cards that I use for the classroom.
Learning from the Masters--The Art of Tessellations with MC Escher 5.99 and this author has many other chapters available.
How To Draw In Six Easy Steps Collection 2 How to draw and paint book this author has many different one available this one is 9.99 others that are as low as $0.99. great for kids to take back to the desk to work with and one device can have 100’s of books instead of a whole book self.
other books:
American Folk Art for Kids: With 21 ActivitiesVan Gogh and the Post-Impressionists for Kids: Their Lives and Ideas, 21 ActivitiesEmbracing Child Art: Projects for Grown-ups to Keep and Treasure


Drawing PadDrawdle - Color & Draw Puzzle GameMirror
drawing pad $1.99       drawdle $1.99              mirror free
Etch A SketchJumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning 1Shape Builder - the Preschool Learning Puzzle GameAmerican History Books Free
$0.99                    $ 2.99               shape puzzle$1.99   American History free


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