Monday, August 22, 2011

Internet Safety

Beginning of the year reminder Sister Geralyn has alot of information for us Diocesde teachers on this issue and many other subjects

Some I found during my research I like she may also have them on her wiki:

The website thinkuknow is out of UK but a great resource to teach about internet safety. Great for projectors or smart board about internet safety. They also have videos, games, printables, and for little kids songs. They have for all age groups PreK-highschool.

netsmartz variety of information for all age groups videos, various subjects, printables, downloadables, presentations and much more.

A little pen and paper good if you don't have internet or computer access in the art room and want a printable lesson for older kids. safe surfing

Cyberbullying has all the different types, great for a starter for a poster or creating a pamphlet about cyber bullying.

An overall information about saftey internet and other as a teacher resource. June safety month

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