Monday, August 15, 2011

Online art ed class

I Had to pass on information about online art education credit classes, I believe at least one person had questions last year about art education classes. I have not tried any of these classes and I have not checked to see if PA act 48 acepts it. However it is a credit course so it should? If anyone knows more about act 48 let us know, but here is the information it costs about $100 to $250 for a class:
Cost Chart

Let us know if anyone takes a course and likes it! Here is the e-mail information I recieved below.

I wanted to send you a personal invitation to the perfect 'back to school' AOE class. Right now you're probably saying "A class? Right now? I'm just getting back to school!" Well, yes, that's the point. As we get back in the classroom, start getting organized, and the demand on our time increases, this class is designed to help you de-clutter your room, your mind, and your teaching. It's the perfect way to start the year.
Being a 'Clutter Free Teacher' is far more than just having a tidy work space, it's a thought process, it's a methodology, a powerful approach to help you rediscover why you got into education, to rejuvinate, and start the year out right. You'll be able put the strategies we cover into immediate action in your own classroom.
As always, we've organized the class to be as flexible as possible to fit your busy schedule. Class starts September 1st, it's available as always for Graduate credit through Madonna University - but this is also a class that you should take just for yourself, whether you need credit or not. It might just be the thing that turns your ho-hum year... into a great one!
I'd love it if you'd join us for the class, I'm really excited about it. To sign-up, just click the button below and follow the easy instructions before August 25th.  If you need any help at all or just want more information, feel free to reply to this email or contact me at
Jessica Balsley


 Up Comming class

De-clutter your space. Your mind. Your teaching.
Your Space – As art teachers, we have a lot of ‘stuff’ in our physical space to manage.  Through this class, you will learn and carry out processes to live more simply in your classroom, to get more done, to stay organized and maintain your sanity.
Your Mind – With the state of education today, cuts in the arts and increasing time-demands leads to increased teacher burnout and stress.  This class will provide a place to let art teachers rejuvenate their minds, reflect and refresh the values that got them into teaching art in the first place.
Your Teaching – Finally, some of us hang on to lessons that do not serve our students.  Learn to let go of what is not working and embrace new best practices that work smarter, not harder.
We won’t just talk about theory, you will take action and explore strategies you can use tomorrow in your classrooms to reinvigorate your passion for teaching and de-clutter what is not working for you.

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