Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School Some new technology items I have in my room this year is I finally got a smart board. I orginally had a regular white board I modified into a smart board using a wii remote. One program I love to use is: One Motion painting program to create a class mural for the beginning of the year.

Other items is my family upgraded iphones to iphone 4 so now I have more iphones to use during class and most apps still work on the iphone 3. Another item I have found I really like is the android touch screen netbook. It looks like a mini computer but the screen is touch screen so it is great multi tech tool. I got three for a test program to play with in my room through a mini grant and love them. I plan to get more since they only cost $100 I can pick up 4 of these compared to the ipad.

Though I really like ipads I steal my daughters since she can't take it to school and use it during the day. I have found that since the new ipad 3 came out you can get some good deals on the original version. I also think you will find some good deals on later in fall when the new ios6 comes because the 1st generation ipad will not upgrade. That is a plus but also I find the older ipad/iphone/ipod are still very functional in the art room. I am still using a few of the 1st generation ipods that doesn't even have the camera, yet they still work fine with many drawing apps.

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