Wednesday, August 1, 2012

iphone and ipod covers that can handle the art room


School will be starting shortly and over the summer my husband and I have upgraded iphones to the iphone 4. Bought them through which is part of bestbuy so it comes from a reputable company. $259.00 iphone 4 with no scratches and works great.

Now I will just move my old phones to my class collection. But I decided I need some cover that can handle being dropped etc. I had a few close call last year and my son is constantly dropping mine as well. So I went on a hunt for a affordable rugged case. I started with Otterbox which is the high end case about $25 a case. Though I have seen them for about $10 for the iphone 3. My friend whose husband is a construction worker has one and has dropped it from 3 stories, ran it over with the truck. Only thing that did kill his phone was leaving it on the tread of a bulldozer, then it drove off with it still on the tread.

 OtterBox Impact Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black

I don’t think the kids can be as hard as a bulldozer on them, hopefully. So I asked around and the next best and very affordable is Body Armor cases. Like Otterbox has a semi-heavy

Body Armor for iPhone 4 / 4th Generation - Yellow & BlackVery affordable at $2.50 – $10 through amazon have tested it and though otterbox is probably better, this is the second best I have found. I bought a set of 8 for $24 and free shipping.

If you have ipods I found that if you have a hard skin case you can insert the ipod with case on into the iphone 3 size case, but you will need to purchase a full plastic cover separate for $0.72 because the cut out one that comes with the case doesn’t fit well with the ipod.

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