Saturday, August 20, 2011

ipad/ iphone/ ipod art app

My favorite and I am going to need to borrow my teens ipad a few times a year for class demonstration is brushes. They do gave an iphone/ipod version as well and I am hoping to get students interested in using technology outside the classroom. 

NY artist
Other apps I have installed:
moma museum app free
Museum Quest which I used this summer with my kids $2.99
imuseum videos of museums $1.99
Musee’du Louvre Free and one of my favorite though videos are in French they still have a lot of good stuff.
classic art jigsaw app $.99
art guide app has apps for various cities and events most are free some are $.99

How to get old iphones and ipods one let parents know you are looking for them. I like to get broken ones and fix them. The iphone 5 is coming and people are going to be upgrading phones.
Yes, I have been accumulating old iphones and ipods. I found a place ifixyouri which does reasonable priced and quick fixing for old iphones and ipods that are more than just a quick screen replacement. I had one art teacher on another blog site I read, that got a few iphone 3g for her class. She had a home button repaired for $45. She got it from someone that this is the 3rd iphone on their ATT plan had a 3gs their child uses as a ipod, an ipod and just got the iphone 4 upgrade. They didn’t want or need a broken iphone and it wasn’t worth it for them to try to sell a broken phone.  One way to get a collection for a classroom, she has about 10 she got this way and spent around $200 fixing them.
Though I have attempted to fix a few screens myself, I have found the 4th generation ipod very hard to fix yourself. I dropped mine and shattered the screen, The screen and digitizer are connected and you need to take the whole ipod apart to just replace the screen. I did all of that and then only had a white screen turn on. So, I sent it to the fix it place mentioned above and waiting to see the prognosis of my poor ipod. 
You can get broken screen iphone 3g for under $100 sometimes for about $50  or less on craigslist. The ipods you can find because kids drop them a lot and then instead of replacing the screen, because the older ones don’t have cameras, usually sell them to buy the new 4th generation. A new screen kit for the older model are around $8-$10 online and are easy to pull apart, glue and re-plug.  Now that the iphone 4 is out and iphone 5 is coming soon the 3G iphone will become even cheaper. It can be used just like an ipod without a contract you can’t use it as a phone, however you can still use it on a wifi network. If you don’t have wifi at school or home go have a nice coffee at Panera and download your apps. Many are free. I just bought my daughter a brand new 3G for a steal on e-bay to replace her ipod and cell phone with it. One device instead of two.
I have decided to try and add this to my art arsenal this year. I am hoping that between school parents, church, craigslist and e-bay. I can get a few of the older broken models donated so I can refurbish them and use them in class.


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SPS ART ROOM said...

iPad repair thank you for the comment. Any suggestions on reusing technology you have found in your searches. IPod iphone or other devices. Right now I am looking at especially the e-readers especially the older rooted nook colors. I just had one given to me to test out in the classroom.

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SPS ART ROOM said...

facebook is a great social network and my husband does find it useful for his college students in fact the college he teaches at has a whole faculty facebook and twitter network for discussions about class topics and quick homework help. That works for that setting because of smartphones. The programs that colleges use for online course work has not tranfered much to the smartphone. Most you still need to log into an acct. on the computer to follow a discussion. Facebook is easy to access on smartphones and is free. So he can or another student can start a discussion topic about a homework assignment or even a study session about an upcomming test. Now I don't think that has trickled down into the highschool and middle school areas. Maybe it should and still may as the facebook generation become teachers. right now find that teahers in high school and middle school are not open to using facebook due to the "social" publicity it has recieved. Some schools have banned teacher from having facebook accounts. I do use twitter as a great resource for finding information.

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